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Brandon Micheal Hall's

(Star of ABC's The Mayor & CBS's God Friended Me) 

D'angela's Testimonial 

Anisa's Testimonial

Ryan's Testimonial 

Chasnie Testimonial 

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man was absolutely amazing! Even through all my complaining he still managed to motivate and encourage me. He never quit. He transformed not only my body but my mind too. He belived in me when i didnt belive in myself. I am beyond happy with my results.

Chasnie Chambers

Working with Iman has been amazing. I began training because my busy work schedule left me with little time to exercise. I knew I needed to get the most out of my time and Iman did just that for me!


Brendan Black 


Having a personal trainer had changed everything! I'd spend countless hours at the gym and see little progress for all my effort. In my opinion, having a  guide to walk you through the process and help you meet your goals is essential!.

Tensley Nesbit

 I am in control of my body and understand how it works for the first time in my life. Most important I have a drive to get stronger than I am now.


Michael Lydick  


I HATE working out !!! But I push myself to do it anyway because I want results. What also motivated me to keep going was my trainer . He’s alway energetic , positive and flexible ! He’s always pushing me to go hard or go home (not really I stay the whole session ). When I feel like I can’t go any further there he is proving me wrong ... every single time. He also helps outside of training, whether it’s giving me tips on exercises or telling me The apple pie I’m eating won’t contribute to my results. Not only have I had physical results but I’ve also improved mentally. I’m more confident in trying new things and more comfortable while doing it ! He’s taught me not to underestimate myself in anything .

Joy Smith

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